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Published on January 23rd, 2016 | by Israel's Voice Staff


Stop UMass-Amherst professor from placing Boycott Israeli Apartheid stickers on Sabra products in her local stores

ACTION ALERT: Stop UMass-Amherst professor from tampering with Sabra products by placing Boycott Israeli Apartheid stickers on Sabra products in her local stores.



Stop BDS on Campus has alerted Amherst police and local stores. Please email the chancellor and university administrators. You can save the photo below and send it to them or simply copy the sample email with the link to the professor’s post.


Sample Letter by Naomi Friedman:

Dear Chancellor Subbaswamy, Deans, and Professors:

On January 12, 2015, Mohammad Hamad tampered with Sabra products in a CVS store in New York City and posted a photo of his handiwork on Facebook.

On the same day, Aline Gubrium, a professor at University of Massachusetts-Amherst posted her desire to acquire Boycott Israel Apartheid stickers and place them on Sabra products in stores in her area.

Mohammad agreed to send her these stickers.


Stop BDS on Campus has notified Amherst police, the Stop and Shop corporation, and BJs Wholesale Club so that they may be on alert.

Attached and below is a screenshot of Aline Gubrium’s post. It can also be found here: It can be found here:

Please launch an investigation into whether Professor Gubrium has violated the University of Massachusetts’ Principles of Employee Conduct:


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Israel's Voice Staff

22 Responses to Stop UMass-Amherst professor from placing Boycott Israeli Apartheid stickers on Sabra products in her local stores

  1. Julie says:

    One of the email addresses has a typo — the first one. It should read:

  2. Joy Wolfe says:

    People who deface products in stores and supermarkets should be detained and made to pay for them

  3. cba says:

    Please post a link TO THE SPECIFIC COMMENT–there are currently over 800 comments and it’s very hard to find the one you’re referring to.

  4. Aviva-Roth Sucher says:

    While I think this professor should be fired, after all I imagine not all his students share his virulent hatred and discrimination of Jews, and some may also be Jewish themselves, they must be very intimidated by such passionate extreme views.
    I will purchase this product even more so than I normally would have. Please investigate and have mental soundness tests done to this professor before jeopardizing our students.

    • Diana says:

      People, including students who don’t agree with this b.s. Need to stop being intimidated – all anti- Semites need to to be dealt with – if colleges cannot get rid of them, student need to kick their ass if not literally, and to BOYCOTT their classes and demand that schools treat these radicals as terrorists

  5. Adam Sachs says:

    This faculty member’s department is entirely state funded. Stan Rosenberg is the Town of Amherst’s state senator, and is currently service as President of the Senate. Maybe he’d be interested in concerns about taxpayer-funded employment of antisemites.

  6. DPBF says:

    Would someone PLEASE press charges and prosecute? What he is doing is a felony as well as tortious interference.

  7. Joe says:

    I actually had no idea Sabra was an Israeli based company, but I buy it quite frequently for the humus. Delicious! Don’t pay much attention to the news in the middle east, to be honest. But they are consistently delicious, so now I’m going to make a point to not only support Sabra products, but products based out of Israel in general. They know quality!

  8. Ike says:

    I’m going to put stickers on Halal food that’s made in the U.S. that say Boycott 9-11

  9. Rebecca says:

    Can any one make the picture clear? I went back and looked at the comments and its no longer there. This photo is the only evidence left. I’m trying to write a piece on this for a news group here at UMass. Thanks so much for the help

  10. chris says:

    hater should be removed from UMass faculty. I attended and graduated from the university in the early seventies and this is not what the university was all about nor should it be now.

  11. Dave Marcus says:

    1. Scarcely what people think of when they hear the inflammatory phrase “product tampering”. Please can the hyperbole.

    2. Although she is acting illegally, your desire to involve her place of employment is distasteful bullying. I assume you also would have tried to get Martin Luther King fired from his church for organizing boycotts, another form of interference with a business.

    I cannot say I respect you.

    • No need to respect Dave and can take criticism well, I personally do not feel she’s acting legally. It’s her right to boycott, It’s her right to hate Israel and It’s her right to be a bigot. It’s not her right to walk into a store she doesn’t own and place these stickers on products. Nor is it her right as a professor to discriminate, her job is to teach. Just imagine the chaos CAIR or any other Muslim organization would do. Stop living in la la land. If it were my store being targeted, I’d press charges to the fullest extent of the law…..

    • Agree. And Supreme Court says that public employees cannot be fired for their speech, unless it interferes with employment (Pickering v. Board of Education). So the demand to the employer is more than distasteful; it is unconstitutional.

  12. Shira says:

    The screen shot is the only evidence. The professor has since deleted her post so the Facebook link can no longer be used as proof. Would you please upload the screen shot in some other format? It’s too small, even on a computer screen. Thank you.

  13. Benyamin Gerard says:

    Joke’s on them. Sabra is made in California, look on the back of any of their products. It’s only owned by Israelis.

  14. UMass Alumna says:

    Read her reviews on She teaches a touchy-feely no content, no facts, no textbooks classes. Perfect setting for appealing to students’ emotions, rather than helping to develop their intellects. Dangerous.

  15. Umass Superfan says:

    This article just serves as proof she is devaluing the worth of my education and degree. She must be fired immediately

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