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Published on January 31st, 2017 | by David Weissman


Open Immigration Ban Debate Challenge For Any Anti Trump Hollywood Celebrities.

Hollywood celebrities are at it again and using their positions in an attempt to force their progressive liberal agenda down people’s throats, and needless to say, a broad attack against President Trump.

Not withstanding the fact, going against the grain of the American citizens. It might be free speech but lacking in character and there is a time and a place for everything. Their determination to divide the Nation is evident and causing incitement for more dangerous protests. They are using inaccurate allegations from “fake news” sources at the utmost inappropriate places where no one is able to defend President Trump. Their integrity is definitely lacking and they are deemed as cowards. Myself, as well as many other Americans citizens, are up to their throats in disgust and time for their rhetoric to cease and desist. I “openly” challenge any Hollywood Actor or Actress, who is against President Trump personally and his brave efforts of his ban against terror.

Most of these wealthy celebrities have no clue of the world of politics. They live a life of luxury in their exquisite “secured” mansions with top notch security. Incredible how they don’t want the same “security” for the average working class Americans. I guess when you “make believe” for an income, living in a world of “drama”, you lose touch with reality. If I am wrong, then prove me wrong and bring your “factual evidence” to my debate. Stop with the nonsense of living in a world of “delusions” and accept my challenge you can contact me on Twitter @davidmweissman since I know most of you have it to trash President Trump and I can tell it is you. —If you dare!!!



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