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Published on February 6th, 2017 | by Israel's Voice Staff


Israel’s Voice/Life After Terror needs your financial help, especially now

Going out a limb here, but would like to inform our following through an update on where we are as an organization and our personal life. 

Aside from building a very extensive database within Life After Terror’s website since October of 2015, Shoshi and I made Aliyah on September 20, 2016. 

Since our arrival, we’ve given it all we had by being on the ground meeting, interviewing, attended funerals, attended mournings, consoled many grieving families, distributed pizzas to countless firefighters during the terror fires, physically volunteered in Haifa, and distributed food, clothing, electrical appliances and so much more to the victims. 

You’ve seen 100’s of pictures, endless hours of videos (over 600 hours unedited) together with many updates on our whereabouts throughout all of our social media accounts. 

For those who’ve donated, you’ve seen exactly how we spent your money. So much so, we basically didn’t take enough to cover gasoline costs of traveling this great county of ours while our base in Jerusalem was a 250-300km stretch both ways. Again almost all paid out of pocket.

That said, we were hoping to at least take a monthly combined of $3,000 US which is way below American standards of living, but is the minimum wage here. Obviously we never considered getting rich from our activism, but next week we’ll finally be leaving our in laws house in which we lived rent free for close to 5 months. 


This month gears are moving in the following ways. Shoshi will diligently be looking for a job and I’ll be opening a small photography business. 

Although we are not giving up on our mission in any way, we just won’t have as much free time as before. Our organization continues regardless! 

Transparency has always been of the utmost importance. Donations collected from this particular fundraiser will be used in the following ways. 

  1. Pay for all operational expenses. (Was out of pocket for many years now.) 
  2. Gd willing, reimburse ourselves just 1 year of out of pocket expenses. Definitely not all 4 years since becoming a 501(c)3. 
  3. Create a fund which will be used to create or enhance existing memorials wherever a terror attack occurred. 

Since visiting almost every location within our database, we’ve noticed either horrible neglect or no memorial whatsoever. 

All donations are 100% tax deductible and all of our work can be seen on all of our social media accounts including an extensive collection of videos on our YouTube channel. Our biggest praise which was via the Mayor of Haifa, yet we pass the credit to our loyal followers who donated at the time to make it a reality!


Michael Mendelson/President


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