Published on April 20th, 2017 | by David Weissman


“Et tu, New York Times?”

The New York Times disgracefully published an article written by a radical Islamic Palestinian terrorist, who they merely identified as a prisoner. Marwan Barghouti is a terrorist who spent 40 years murdering and wounding Israelis. He is well-known leader of Fatah and the Palestinian people because of his role in the 2nd intifada.  He is serving five life sentences due to his crimes.

Now he is at the center of a hunger strike. This is a method commonly used by terrorists to force Israel to release them prior to the end of their sentence. The Israel Defense Force is the most humane Military in the world, and would not mistreat its prisoners.

Shame on you New York Times for publishing an article for such a person. It is bad enough that you don’t like Israel and support a 2-state solution. When you publish an article written by a murderer, a terrorist, it brings your publication to a new low. As a once highly respected major publication, You should have done a better job of screening your writers, especially ones who are in jail.

Just to clarify, Israel would not jail a person for a “political cause.” That is not how our Democracy works.  Keep in mind, Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East.

This type of propaganda is exactly why the world demonizes Israel. Your publication enables terrorism; it glorifies them to the point of making them the martyr.  By keeping the article published after you found out he was terrorist, you label him a hero.  More will follow in his footsteps and will commit terror attacks.

The “Palestinian cause” is in reality, radical Islam.  They have publicly stated the specific goal “to erase Jews and Israel from existence.”  You are now responsible for supporting their cause.

My advice to you, take down the article and apologize to the people of Israel.


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