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Published on June 11th, 2017 | by Forest Rain


An open letter to Jeff Bezos about Amazon and Jew hate

Dear Jeff,

You have created one of the most amazing companies that exists today – Amazon.

New thinking, new way of approaching customers has changed business forever and yet, your business is trading in one of the oldest commodities that there is – Jew hate.

T-shirts might not seem like a big deal to you but as a person living under the constant threat of terrorism because I am a Jew who lives in my ancestral homeland, I will tell you that anything that normalizes violence against others, that encourages violence against a specific group is very, very wrong.

T-shirts that flout the slogans used by terrorists, that support the attitude and glorify the actions of terrorists are advertisements taking incremental bites out of my right to life.

Your company is selling products that violate my human rights.

Are those the values you want for your company?

While much of the merchandise could be dismissed as innocuous and others are “just” spouting lies (Jesus was not a “Palestinian”), others are hideously different, for example:

The “My Flag, My Roots (showing the entire State of Israel), My Rights” shirt that clearly implies that the entire State of Israel is supposed to be Palestine and will be liberated by what the terrorists like to call “resistance”.


The “Free Palestine – End Israeli Occupation” shirts are clear statements that deny Israel’s right to exist, only Palestine should remain.

The shirts with Arabic writing covering the entire map of Israel say: “I will never forget you Palestine” – in other words, Israel is Palestine and the wearer is sending the message not to rest until the Jewish State is annihilated and Palestine is established instead.

As someone who would be part of that Final Solution, I take this message very seriously.

With great power comes great responsibility. Amazon has great power. Why in the world are you allowing your company to take such an immoral, political stance?

Obviously, there is a big market for Jew hating, terrorist glorifying merchandise but I can’t imagine you would support images glorifying British terrorists in Manchester or agree to sell products calling for any other area on earth to be cleansed of an ethnic group. Why is it ok when Jews are the target?

Maybe Jews are too nice. Maybe we should respond like too many Muslims tend to do when they feel offended. I hope that is not the case. I hope that an appeal to decency and basic common sense will be enough. There is enough material to sell that does not incite hatred or support terrorism against the Jewish homeland. Amazon could just stick to those products. (Unless you are trying to make a point of profiting from Jew hate).

Please consider this seriously. I hope you will put my faith back in Amazon.


From Israel,

Forest Rain


Contact Amazon and tell them what you think!

Customer service phone number is 888-280-4331
If you have an account, contact via

Amazon on Facebook

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Please also contact Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Facebook or on Twitter

You can also email Jeff Bezos at:




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