Fundraisers (Closed)

Fundraisers (Closed)


Above photo of the Palchan Platoon with their newly provided backpacks. Their faces have been blurred to protect their identities.

Thank You for Supporting Our IDF Gregory Backpack Campaign . . .

Gregory-backpackA lone IDF solider in the Palchan platoon, an elite sabotage and engineering unit, reached out and asked us to help raise nominal funds to supply his platoon of 35 brave men and women with backbacks for use during and after their service. These backpacks, the Gregory Baltoro 65, sold for 1,599.00 shekels each, but Israel’s Voice negotiated the price down from an estimated 1,599 shekels each to the low cost of 1,100 shekels each, which is approximately $242.86 in U.S. currency.

With no middle person involved and thanks to your generosity and support, all donations went directly to these soldiers through a wire transfer that was paid at our expense, and our founder and president Michael Mendelson had the honor and privilege to meet them face-to-face in Israel, where he thanked them personally for their courageous service.


The Palchan is an elite sabotage and engineering company apart of the Paratroopers brigade. We are trained to conduct raids and operations behind enemy lines and are specialised in the use of explosive charges, planting mines in enemy territory; as well as removal and dismantling of cargo and mines to allow the entire brigade to cross enemy lines. Our company operates in front of the brigade and its divisions.

During our 2 years and 8 months in the army, we have trained to become professional soldiers, guarding the borders of our neighbouring countries as well as taking part in both operations Pillar of Defence and Protective Edge.

Our regular military service is coming to an end and as a result many of us plan to move around and trek parts of the world. To be able to do this, we are trying to raise donations to provide backpacks for 35 members of the team. Many of them are not able to financially provide for themselves.

After a tough time in the army, their time to travel and see other beautiful parts of the world has come. We would be so grateful for any donations that would allow us to purchase these backpacks.

Thank so much for taking time to read this.

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