Hate Site Removal

Hate Site Removals


Israel’s Voice has been a powerful force in the social media realm, contributing to the removal of thousands of Jewish hate sites that violate community standards and terms. Social media standards are not always fairly applied. In fact, we have encountered an overwhelming abundance of cases in which bias and double standards exist and legitimate hate site reports are denied. At the same rate, educational, news-oriented sites often are censored by being removed for frivolous and outright false claims. Similarly, complaints abound from conservative and pro-Israel social media users, who are often inexplicably banned, sometimes for months at a time, for posting merely the news, as is demonstrated here, here, here, and here and also here . . .

Israel’s Voice strives to facilitate genuine discourse and the free exchange of ideas when based on primary source evidence, information, and news. In no way do we subscribe to censorship. We are committed to the fundamental principles of democracy and free speech but draw the line between social media pages and groups that promote violence and hate based on propaganda and lies that unjustifiably demonize members of groups and with those that raise legitimate criticisms and public concerns based on primary source information and news. We also draw the line when the standards and terms set and defined by the respective social media networks themselves are not enforced and applied with equity, upholding the safety and well-being of all concerned, and when they ignore their own guidelines and policies but only for some.

We at Israel’s Voice base our standards on those defined as “hate speech” by Facebook and the other social media platforms themselves. Facebook, in particular, represents itself to users as a free and fair platform where views can be expressed and debated and which “distinguishes between serious and humorous speech,” encourages users to “challenge ideas, institutions, events, and practices” but prohibits “attacks” on individuals or groups “based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.” Our intense emphasis on monitoring and reporting hate sites, as well as the extensive time that we must devote to it, indicates otherwise. Its favoritism to some groups over others was also confirmed during a meeting that its executives attended with the Muslim Advocates Group, at which time they, along with executives from Twitter, agreed to clamp down and censor criticism about Islam. This meeting was infiltrated and later reported on by Dave Gaubatz, a counter-terrorism expert and retired special U.S. Federal Agent, who is also a contributor to Israel’s Voice.

Israel’s Voice has demonstrated groundbreaking success in removing sites that promote propaganda, lies, and Jewish hatred that is often cloaked in criticism against Israel. We have formed a coalition of volunteers who monitor and mass report these hate sites on a 24/7 basis.

Of course, no one can claim with 100 percent certainty full credit for the removal of hate sites. Facebook merely posts in our dashboards notifications that the pages reported have been removed but with little to no other details. Sometimes these pages and groups are restored; other times, the founders of them create a new site under a similar name, as the slideshow above should depict.

What we can claim is that our hate site reports have been massive. With close to 1,000 volunteers who focus solely on reporting and tracking hate sites, we can, without any question, confirm that we have had a major impact on shutting them down based on the sheer numbers of our reports alone, the more than coincidental timing of our favorable results, and our outreach to alert other readers like you to join this imperative cause.

Please help us continue our vital work. Report hate sites and end the incitement of violence and hate against Jews. Click on the links below . . .

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