Our Declaration

Our Declaration


Photo Above of “Solemnity and open-collared shirts”: David Ben-Gurion reads the Israeli Declaration of Independence, 4pm on 14th May 1948 (from the Online History Shop, “Historama“).

Israel’s Voice raises worldwide awareness as one unified body of Jews and non-Jews alike to expose that Zionism, which dates back to biblical times, is not a bad word and that anti-Zionism is a racist, modern-day guise designed to cloak anti-Semitism and an anti-Semitic agenda. Anti-Zionism targets and singles out Jews and is a direct assault on every Jew, threatening Jewish existence.

We condemn moral relativism as moral depravity and anti-Zionism as a crime against humanity. In this same spirit and in the interests of human rights, ethics, morality, equality, and justice under International Law, and for the common good of all, it is the moral and human obligation of each and every one of us to take a proactive stand, act immediately to condemn and denounce anti-Zionism, and to protect the rights and survival of the Jewish people and nation.

We are calling upon world  Jewry, as well as all of mankind, to join us in our mission to stand united together as one people, one nation, and one powerful voice.


We at Israel’s Voice are committed to peace and equality, regardless of race, creed, or nationality, but acknowledge that our peaceful co-existence cannot be achieved when people and leaders of nations deny Israel’s right to exist. To do so denies Jewish existence and threatens the safety, freedoms, and rights of all of humanity.


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