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Israel’s Voice has a global social media reach in the millions.

Each and every one of our Board members has long been an active proponent for Israel and the struggle against antisemitism. Aside from the social media pages and groups established under the banner of Israel’s Voice, we have several additional ones that were either independently founded by one or more of our team or one or more of us have partnered together with others to achieve common goals. We believe if we touch and educate even one soul, we can change a world.
For this reason, our pages and groups are diverse, exceeding beyond the pro-Israel community to reach and unify millions towards common goals. “Like” our affiliate social media pages and sites and show your support!

image007Israel’s Voice Twitter account was recently launched in February of 2015. Quite possibly our best form of social media not only getting our messages across, but also has opened the minds of many with facts, hence the growing amount of Israel supporters.

Click on our link below and follow us. Feel free to tag us in tweets, but please do not use foul language because we won’t respond to it. You may also send us direct messages as it’s open to everyone.

image007Israel’s Voice Facebook page is where our story began. Since 2013 we’ve been blessed to reach over 22,000 followers without paying to promote. Together with volunteers, most of our memes are originals as well as many videos. We also make a huge effort by placing subtitles in English for our followers to understand.

As we always mention…. “Israel’s Voice is your voice too!” In essence, feel free to inbox your blogs, memes, videos and news. We love to interact with everyone and promote your cause if it’s relevant to ours. Click on link to follow us here, please don’t forget to invite friends as we only grow through word of mouth.


Israel’s Voice official Instagram account is another new initiative. Upon noticing some people just have time for a quick glance, we are now using it to showcase our most popular memes and videos no longer than 15 seconds.

We encourage everyone to use our content, tag friends or just leave a courteous comment. Foul language will instantly be deleted and trolls are banned swiftly. Click on this link to follow us here.

image007Israel’s Voice official Tumblr account was established for everything we are able to do with other forms of social media, but our favorite feature here is the ability to blog with very little effort.

Follow us here and open your own account if you don’t have one yet. Happens to be a phenomenal tool to keep spreading messages. The extended beauty of this network is they supply a url for all you post. Meaning, it’s an easy share to any social media site and perfect for those who only read emails. Click here to follow us.

image001This Facebook page shows and proves Israel’s Voice also stands in solitary with any person or organization that conduct either a pro Israel event or a counter protest, our staff will make sure to help expose it.

We’ve been praised by many showcasing other(s) events by attracting a larger crowds. We are also forever grateful receiving pictures and videos during & after to publish success stories. There’s no amount of money that could compensate us for doing this, nor would we ever ask ! Click here to follow us.

Defending Jews & Israel From Propaganda DJIP

image001Is one of our most successful Facebook pages for some reason. We consider this to be Israel’s Voice sister page. We never claim Israel is perfect, but the mainstream media sure does have a biased opinion.

image002Here is where you’ll read reality. Facts won’t be distorted nor will we allow reporters a free pass. We’ve followed a few on Twitter until headlines were properly changed with success a handful of times since its inception. We also received a thank you letter from a 17 y/o from England who won a class debate due to information posted here. An informative page not to pass up.

Debunk BDS

image001Our mission is to expose the falseness or exaggerated claims from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement and the anti-Jew/ anti- Israel propaganda.

Also became a motivation for a new project Israel’s Voice will be working on with quite a few volunteers in 2016. Titled “Life After BDS” (sorry folks, domain has been purchased) Contact us if you’d like to be a part of this project.

Worldwide Jewish Pride

image001This Facebook page takes pride in not only allowing NEVER AGAIN be an empty statement, but also gloats Jews in the news. Heartwarming to see how much Jews contribute to society. A must follow.

Stop Antisemitism Now

image001Created by a Lebanese Arab friend Fred Maroun. The purpose of this page is to promote pride in Israel and in Judaism.

It’s been an honor continuing what’s already been started, humbled on how we received it and will never let go of a couple of admins we inherited it with.

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