What we do

What We Do

Israel’s Voice reaches out to team up with community leaders, Zionists, and organizations within and beyond the Jewish/pro-Israel camp. We are a powerful, prominent online and offline force, sending a consistent, unified message that demands justice, equality, and a moral responsibility for the Jewish people and nation and for the human rights of all.


We use proactive multi-tiered approaches to:

  • Monitor, verify, and publicize facts/biases about current events, Jewish history, and Israel.
  • Expose propaganda that demonizes Israel and incites anti-Semitism against world Jewry.
  • Train and galvanize others to raise awareness and speak out against bias using multimedia approaches.
  • Respond to humanitarian needs within Israel and the Jewish community.

Our Recent Successes!

  • Facilitated activities against the dramatic rise in worldwide anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, and the demonization of Israel and world Jewry.
  • Reported and shut down literally thousands of online social media hate pages and sites.
  • Sponsored and participated in rallies to counter media bias and propaganda.
  • Galvanized thousands of pro-Israel supporters.
  • Raised hundreds of dollars for IDF soldiers and pro-Israel causes.
  • Educated the public and brought international awareness to the global rise of violence and terror lodged against people of all faiths, races, and nations.

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